Apex Legends: Titanfall battle royale game growing even faster than Fortnite, with more than 10 million players in three days

Apex Legends, the brand new battle royale game that takes place in the world of Titanfall, has already rocketed past 10 million players.

Developers announced that the landmark number had already been reached after only 72 hours.

That means the game is even growing faster thant the record-breaking speed of Fortnite – which took a fitting two weeks to reach the same milestone.

“This has been a truly incredible journey,” developers EA said as they announced the new milestone. “We tested and tweaked. We argued and agreed.

“We got to a point where we felt some magic. We knew it would be risky to take the franchise in this direction, to go free to play, and do a surprise launch. But we fell in love with Apex Legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it too.

“We hoped you’d love it as much as us, but never in our wildest dreams could we have expected the outpouring of support and positivity we’ve seen. From all of us at Respawn, thank you for giving us and Apex Legends a chance.

“Thank you for joining us on this journey. This is just the beginning! We have so much more in store for you this year.”

Apex Legends was announced as something of a surprise by developers, and arrived just days after that big reveal. Since then the free game – which is available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC – has become one of the most popular in the world, growing quickly and almost instantly becoming the most popular title on Twitch.


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